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"As an IT contractor with a small Limited company, I was spending a lot on an accountant who did very little and racked money on the bill every time I had the smallest of questions, this had to change. I'm very pleased with the service provided by Better Business Decisions who do absolutely everything for me brilliantly, always respond promptly to my questions and all for a fraction of the price an annual return alone would cost me!"   "Transferring my account to Better Business Decisions has been a simple, efficient, and very friendly, experience."   "Every aspect of engaging with them has been easy. The service is professional, informative, personalised, efficient with clear, regular communication and best of all, friendly!"   "I discovered during the first consultation how much money I could have been saving if I had done things differently."   "Being new into IT contracting it was refreshing to get the level and advice, professionalism and integrity that they offered me."   ""    My IT contractor colleagues have been impressed and somewhat envious of the level of service I receive."   ""   

Show me the money!

We know that contracting is all about maximising your income. Using your own Limited company enables you to work in an easy and tax efficient way and reap the benefits for yourself. On a day rate of £400, you can take home almost 35% more than you would by using an Umbrella company – that’s more than £15,000 a year! Have a look at our Limited vs Umbrella calculator here. And there is no extra hassle to do it this way. With our fixed price monthly package we’ll take care of all the paperwork for you, deal with HMRC and Companies House on your behalf and give you quick and easy guidance each month about how much you can pay yourself. We’re always here to help you with any questions you have – by phone, by email or you can even pop into our office and meet the team if you want!

Look at what's included

Simple transfer from your current accountant

Salary advice and all PAYE Included
VAT returns and advice Included
Expenses tracking Included
Dividend vouchers Included
Companies House end of year accounts Included
Companies House annual return Included
Corporation tax returns Included
Directors personal tax returns Included
Quarterly financial summary Included
Oodles of advice Included
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